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Lasting partnerships are those based on trust and that is how best to describe our 6-year partnership with one of Latin America's largest architecture events. We are proud to work alongside Casa Cor, a demanding client that pays attention to the finest details, just like major architects and decorators. As such, Gocil does its utmost to provide efficient protection, leaving now gaps for error.

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Since December 2013, Gocil has been a proud sponsor of one of the world's great Paralympic athletes: Daniel Dias.

We are inspired by great heroes like swimmer Daniel, who has won 15 Olympic medals and holds nine world records..

He is the only Brazilian to have won the Laureus Award, which is like the Oscar of sports, on two occasions (2008 and 2013).

Gocil always promotes sport and supports great champions.

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In 2012, Brazil hosted the Elvis Experience, an exhibition telling the story of the king of rock, Elvis Presley. Thousands of people visited the event, which also featured an exclusive performance by the singers former band mates. The entire security detail and all general services were handled by Gocil, which employed its full structure protect 500 items that form part of the heritage of rock 'n roll fans.

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One of our leading areas of operation is the shopping mall segment. they are places where security and leaning are essential to perfect operation. And to introduce the newest features to this public, Gocil prepared a booth at one of the segment's largest trade shows, Exposhopping. The company showcased its services, relying on the best professionals in the market and an integrated intelligence center (CICC) to care for a shopping center's most important asset: its visitors.

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For 4 years, the city of São Paulo hosted the Brazilian stage of one of the world's leading automobile events, the São Paulo Indy 300. And Gocil was on hand to provide the security and general services necessary for an event of this magnitude. Many champions navigated the track, but the biggest winner was the public, made to feel right at home, thanks to the protection of a champion firm. Around 3,750 employees ensured the success of the last stage in São Paulo.

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Participating at a trade show like Intermodal is something that definitively established the name Gocil as the largest property security company in the country. In 2014, Gocil invested heavily in its booth, highlighting the newest trends in the security segment. Demonstrating the strength of a company with a tradition in providing quality services. In 2015, Gocil confirmed its presence once again, with new features for clients and prospects in the field of logistics.

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Formed by Grupo Dória, LIDE is a benchmark in business relations and discussion of the Brazilian market. Gocil is a loyal partner, and is always present at meetings hosted by the group. We sponsor a number of events and have also offered the Gocil auditorium, located at our headquarters, to talks and seminars that are part of the annual LIDE calendar. Being part of a group that includes the largest companies in the domestic market, leads Gocil to strive harder on a daily basis, maintaining its names as a reference in quality security.

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One of Gocil's focuses is on supporting institutions that make a difference in society. One of the most important, Obras do Berço, ensures the future of children, aged between 6 months and 6 years. It has a social and education program, provides protection and is not-for-profit. Gocil took part as one of the sponsors of a golf tournament to raise funds for the institution, and help Obra do Berço to continue sowing the seeds of the future..

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Gocil sponsors one of the most celebrated national golf tournaments, organized by Dhama Golf Club. Major athletes, both professional and amateur, duel it out on the São Roque course, in hopes of the perfect shot. And speaking of perfection, Gocil does everything to ensure perfection in prevention when handling event security. Gocil and Dhama Golf Club, a successful partnership.